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Cyber Resilience Series

A 3-part video series on the evolution of cyber threats and resilience.

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Ransomware & Cyber Today

Ransomware attacks are evolving alongside our response and resilience towards them.

In this first video, RiskLogic CEO, Dan Shields discusses alongside Nick Abrahams, Global Co-leader of Digital Transformation at Norton Rose Fulbright, the changing nature of ransomware attacks. They share interesting and concerning data on the increase of attacks to organisations.

What is Cyber Resilience?

How has Cyber evolved since the pandemic and changes in how and where we work?

Like corporate and personal resilience, cyber has its place in our future response strategies. Discover critical initiatives and actions to support your organisation to withstand and recover quickly from an attack. 

Cyber Resilience vs Cyber Security

There is no shortage of information and solutions to cyber security.

Most organisations have some form of Cyber security, but this can be - and often is - breached. Understanding where your Cybersecurity strategies stop and your response kicks in will help build stronger resilience and outcomes.

Our Panel

This exclusive series sees industry experts with combined experience stretching passed 50 years join to discuss the evolving threats within a digital world.


David Gumley

David is First Five Group's Head of Growth. With a financial background, he manages much of our commercial and client engagement responsibilities and growth of the RiskLogic service offerings.


Dan Shields

Dan Shields is the CEO and Co-Founder of RiskLogic. He oversees client programs with a strong eye for corporate, executive level resilience and cyber intelligence across a range of disciplines.


Nick Abrahams

Nick is the Global Leader of Technology & Innovation for Norton Rose Fulbright. He is the founder of successful online legal site, LawPath and he created the world's first AI-enabled privacy chatbot, Parker.

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